Which home meal delivery is best?

Green Chef makes ever-changing weekly menus with USDA-certified organic ingredients, with vegan options available every week. Using USDA-certified organic products, Green Chef selects a rotating weekly selection of 24 gourmet foods inspired by chefs. Choose from a variety of dietary preferences, such as vegan, gluten-free and ketogenic, with the option to mix and match. Meals are available in portions of two, four and six, and you can order two, three, or four meals a week.

In addition, the Green Chef menu will be available online for up to three weeks from now, so you can easily review future options. Home Chef brings the elements of comfort food and home cooking to your doorstep, with recipes adapted to your schedule. When creating my own box, I imagined all the types of meals I cook so that I could spend the day well fed and on time. I ended up choosing a classic kitchen meal with a cooking time of 35 minutes, a faster option of 15 minutes and an oven-ready dish for those nights when you don't dare to do much more than turn on the oven and set the table.

For a taste test, I chose the midpoint of all three, and opted for the 15-minute Hoisin Pulled Pork with Jasmine Rice. The first note to be made is in the notes themselves. The recipe cards were very well organized, which made my type A personality very happy. With new meals offered weekly, you can choose between regular meal kits, 15-minute, easy-to-prepare and oven-ready meals, and extras such as a protein pack of meat and fish to complement a kit or to prepare your own recipes.

Many meals can also be customized with Impossible Foods products, for those who don't eat meat without sacrificing flavor. Not just for Thanksgiving, Gobble is the meal kit that serves generous, day-sized portions of a turkey regardless of the season. The first thing I noticed about Gobble was the amount of fresh produce I received in my order. For the beautiful grilled Italian steak, which is supposedly two servings, I bought a huge bag of ripe cherry tomatoes and a whole package of green onions.

Even though the garnish for this meal was creamy polenta, I could also have made a marinated tomato salad with the leftovers. For my miso-baked salmon, I bought a giant bag of fresh broccoli and lots of jasmine rice. Only during unpacking did it become apparent that Gobble values quantity and quality. One last thing that didn't go unnoticed? The four cookie dough balls that came with my food, not that I would have room left in my stomach after the meal to come.

There's a second stomach for dessert, right? As someone who spends too much money on Sweetgreen only to get hungry again, finding hearty and delicious salads and bowls that you can take to the office can be a challenge. This is where I think Territory Foods fits in really well. However, the best thing for me was when I took a look at the packaging and the menu and found that my options suited my region, and I partnered with local chefs and restaurants to create a weekly menu of more than 35 rotating options. Not only was my garlic and ginger chicken salad ready to eat and delicious, but it was also prepared by chef Rachelle Slotnick of Chantilly, VA.

While this isn't as local as going to my local Brooklyn winery in search of products, I really liked the traceability of the foods. Sunbasket is a real ray of sunshine for those who value organic ingredients and having healthy and delicious food on the table. They have a full breakfast menu with choices of different types of eggs, oatmeal, breads and spreads, and even juices, milkshakes and a canned coffee that looks amazing. Moving on to lunch and dinner, they have both ready meals and cooking options, a full section of pasta and sauces, additional protein packs and, of course, snacks.

This site had one of the most varied I had ever seen in my search for the food kit, and you can eat 100% with every meal of the day without getting bored with the selections. EveryPlate is another affordable option, this time from the Hello Fresh family. The kit includes recipe cards, fresh produce, meat and fish packed in ice and a brightly colored box that will arrive at your doorstep so you don't have to stop at the supermarket along the way. For less money than any fast food, the options are also healthier, and the products that came in my box were all fresh and full-size, bursting out of the box.

As I prepared my tomato soup and chicken sausage, I noticed that the recipe cards had other helpful tips to save on food waste. There were also plenty of useful notes to reassure a home chef who's just starting out. For those who don't know, you may be very close to having Martha as resident chef at her meal kit company, Martha Stewart & Marley Scoop. The kit is traditional, with 40 recipes that are uploaded to the site weekly to choose from and fresh ingredients that are shipped according to your plan.

You can opt for the plan for two or four people and then select the number of meals you need per week, from just two to six. A few other things I noticed while making my Buffalo fried chicken sandwich were how fresh the ingredients were, admiring the small head of butter, lettuce, and soft rolls. It was a 30-minute meal, and it really was, since I was able to put the green beans in the oven and work with the chicken at the same time, without feeling stressed or getting too dirty. The company offers fewer meal kits and more delivery options for nutrient-packed soups, bowls, shakes and wellness juices.

When setting up my account, the first thing I need to consider is the number of breakfast, lunch and dinner options available. There are currently 31 different bowls and soups, six varieties of noodles, five lighter “restored” soups for diet days, three wellness injections and 16 flavors of smoothies. I would say a combination for each day of the week, but there are many more than that. Homemade, healthy meals are good for the soul, but the whole process of meal planning, shopping, meal preparation, and cooking can take quite a long time.

That's where subscriptions to the best prepared meals come into play. This is the perfect way to reduce your consumption of greasy foods and save money on takeout. Of the nearly two dozen I tried, Fresh N Lean won out with exceptional food at a fair price. Each of the meals comes in a take-out type container, with a sticker that indicates when I should eat the food, depending on the time and day of the week.

That depends on a lot of factors, but if you're looking for a very simple answer to what's out there for lunch or dinner, the regular delivery of prepared food is an excellent option. The company's menu includes three dozen meals each week, and its Easy Prep line of meals can significantly reduce cooking time. The menu options are endless, and some prepared meal delivery services, such as Fresh N Lean and Factor, have taken note of modern, healthy eating habits, offering prepared menus and healthy meals adapted to almost any dietary preference, including carnivorous, vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan and other plant-based diets. Of the meal kit delivery services I tried, Dinnerly was the most affordable and impressed me more than other kits touted as cheap.

Each meal in the snack section includes meals with small bites that are easy to handle for those who are just learning to chew. If organic foods with lots of protein suitable for exercise are important to you, this is the meal delivery service you should try. Meals are available for two or four servings and many of the meals offer protein customization alternatives, as well as options to add to breakfast, lunch and snacks. If you are going to order a food kit at home to help you learn to cook or to increase your recipe library, I recommend Home Chef as the food kit with the best and clearest recipes.

In addition to offering a wide variety of meal options, Blue Apron offered superior packaging instructions and recipes compared to other meal kit delivery services I tried. ButcherBox isn't really a meal delivery service either, but a butcher shop delivery service that offers very high quality items. In fact, Trifecta is a food kit company, which means that you can simply order the meals to arrive at your house, fresh and prepackaged, sent to your door with ice and then reheated in the microwave or oven. Read on to see the variety of options, or go straight to the ones you think might be the best meal delivery service for you.

Most prepared meal delivery services are significantly cheaper than takeout and definitely cheaper than eating out. .

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